Fans of Harry Potter Part 1

Since its debut in 1997, the Harry Potter franchise includes seven books, eight movies, and a host of auxiliary content based on the characters and world created by J.K. Rowling. We talk with Amanda (Mama Crass) and Karli, both Friends of the Show, along with Sam, Stephen (Royal T’s brother) and The Slayer. Each guest has there own perspective and reason for loving the series. This podcast is a love letter to this creation we all love and hold dear. This podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher (sometimes new episodes take a day or two to upload) … Continue reading Fans of Harry Potter Part 1

Fans of Star Wars Night 2019

It’s finally here…. This Saturday is the annual Cincinnati Rollergirls Star Wars Night. Jon and I talk with team owner Miss Print and Production Director Brandon Barb about the game, the event, who you will see, and what all you can expect this Saturday at Schmidt Memorial Fieldhouse on the campus of Xavier University. Fans of Starwars Night 2019 Podcast @cincyrollergirl Cincinnati Rollergirls   Continue reading Fans of Star Wars Night 2019

Fans of Fluke Skywalker

The first time I saw Fluke Skywalker was at Music Hall for a showing of “A New Hope” while the Cincinnati Pops played the movie score live in accompaniment.  Fluke was in the lobby taking pictures and talking with fans, he was a hit. I then ran into him at Cincinnati Reds Opening Day where I was dressed like a banana ( I work for a produce company and was walking in the parade). We took a photo, and  I later reached out in hopes he would consider coming to our Star Wars Night, and he said he’d love to. … Continue reading Fans of Fluke Skywalker

Cincinnati Rollergirls’ 2019 Season Preview – with Royal T, Thadd and our guest, Hustle.

The 2019 Season is right around the corner, and to talk with us about it is Hustle from the Cincinnati Rollergirls, amongst other roles with Cincinnati, Hustle serves as the ILC (Inter-League Coordinator) the ILC is in charge of scheduling the team’s opponents. Royal T and I talk with Hustle about the home season, the B-Cup tournament and much more. Find the latest episode on iTunes or one of the below links. The last time the Cincinnati Rollergirls played Brandywine was 2014. Check out some pics below of that game’s program. Thanks to Hustle for being on the … Continue reading Cincinnati Rollergirls’ 2019 Season Preview – with Royal T, Thadd and our guest, Hustle.