Fans of Fluke Skywalker

The first time I saw Fluke Skywalker was at Music Hall for a showing of “A New Hope” while the Cincinnati Pops played the movie score live in accompaniment.  Fluke was in the lobby taking pictures and talking with fans, he was a hit.

fluke photo

I then ran into him at Cincinnati Reds Opening Day where I was dressed like a banana ( I work for a produce company and was walking in the parade). We took a photo, and  I later reached out in hopes he would consider coming to our Star Wars Night, and he said he’d love to. So, while I was batting 1,000 I asked for him to come on the Podcast, and what we have is about 45 minutes of revealing and insightful conversation.

podcast iconFans of Fluke Skywalker Podcast


If you can’t come to see Fluke this Saturday at the Cincinnati Rollergirls Star Wars Night, you can check him out at the many events he has coming up.


twitter icon @1flukeskywalker

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