Trouble in Rose City

All credit to @thederbyapex for this story. They are a class organization with hard working folks.

It is an uncomfortable time in roller derby, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Women have been coming forward over the last few months with stories of sexual harassment and misconduct, and while no one wants to think these kinds of things happen in their sport, or with people, they respect and admire, the truth is… it does. And attention needs to be paid to it.

A Rose City skater who is known by the name of Frisky has brought very serious and disturbing allegations against Rose City. 

Having a famous skater is more important to Rose City than doing what is right.

Rose City came out with below response, and is stating they did everything by their policies and exhausted all of their processes before removing Frisky.  (

One thought on “Trouble in Rose City

  1. It’s interesting that Rose only brought up a skater allegedly trying to injure omg at tryouts AFTER a case of sexual assault had been brought against them. If that’s really what happened, why even let her on the team. I call bullshit on Rose.


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